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Quality and trust in workplace

Quality and trust in work environment Presentation:- TRUST:- Trust implies certainty that others activity are reliable with their words that the individuals with whom you work are worried about your government assistance and interests separated from what you can accomplish for them, the aptitudes you have created are regarded and esteemed by collaborators and the association. Trust is found in three qualities of work environment connections:- Trust becomes out of the capacity to see others as solid that what they state is valid and their activities are steady. Trust likewise becomes out of a feeling that one will be dealt with reasonably by others. Trust likewise relies upon how much representatives experience regard through help accommodated proficient development, the incorporation of workers thoughts in dynamic and through consideration both inside the working environment and life. Trust in authoritative methodologies and top administration is the most basic segment in making responsibility towards a shared objective. Senior pioneers need to put a high incentive on honesty and trust and afterward convey that incentive to all partners. Key factors in building trust The five basic regions that legitimately sway the degree of trust individuals have in their association are:- The association vision. The association esteems. The remuneration framework. The workplace. Work force choice. The board advisor Jack R Gibbs clarifies that doubt in individuals are probably going to happen when Top administration is dreaded. Inordinate weight is put on individuals. Deals are low. The vision of organization is hazy. QUALITY: The association should work so as to guarantee high caliber of the board and administration in all pieces of the association. To work systematically in improving Management Quality all connections must hold, in the long chain from the board strategy, through administration framework, projects and procedures, such a distance out to the individual worker. This sort of value confirmation of the board requires a total and steady structure or model, and it must be conceivable to quantify present status and upgrades Over the previous scarcely any years, representatives have expanded their emphasis on authoritative attributes that improve worker work encounters and help workers in adjusting their occupations and individual lives. This emphasis on working environment quality has gotten critical enough for business press distributions, for example, Fortune and Working Mother to distribute yearly arrangements of organizations that exceed expectations in making a high caliber of work l ife for their representatives.. Fulmer et al. (2003) contend that worker perspectives influence practices and their exhibition. They contend further that worker perspectives can impact work environment quality through the fascination and maintenance of good representatives. They contend that if worker mentalities coming about because of high work environment quality produce a maintainable upper hand, at that point recorded firms should display preferable money related execution over do non recorded firms. There is some proof that organizations fruitful in making positive worker perspectives about their work environment have a significant upper hand, which prompts improved working and market execution. A high Management Quality is portrayed by the accompanying Our association has refreshed and reported statements of purpose, vision and techniques. Our strategy portrays how we wish to identify with our workers. Support and a serious extent of autonomy are foundations of our administration framework. Everybody views himself as proprietor of their own goals and the associations vision and targets. We energize open correspondence. Our approach depicts how we work so as to guarantee pioneers of high caliber in all spots. We make great open doors for our directors to be profoundly energetic in their errand. We eliminate pioneers who are insufficient in their employments. INRODUCTION OF Organization:- INFOSIS: An Infosys innovation is established in 1981 in India. Right now Infosys has more than 58000 representatives worldwide and have over $2 billion yearly income. Infosys right now has more than 15000 programming engineers taking a shot at ventures with Microsoft advancements. Infosys BPO Ltd. is one of the quickest and driving BPO arrangement suppliers on the planet. Having Infosys Technologies Ltd. as its parent organization, it brags of top tier frameworks and forms and monetary quality and dependability. The organization began its tasks in 2002 and has gotten various honors and references, for example, tenth among 50 Best Managed Vendors operating at a profit Book of Outsourcing, 2006 fifth among 35 Rising Stars in The Global Outsourcing 100 of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, 2006. Infosys won the Outsourcing Institute and Vantage Partners first-historically speaking client relationship the executives grant. Infosys is progressively concentrating on esteem based valuing models for its contributions. QUALITY AT INFOSYS:- Infosys follows the best programming designing practices. Infosys is CMMI-5 affirmed however for a conventional procedure arranged affirmation their CMMI level seems, by all accounts, to be a result of what they really practice. Infosys duplicates it income like clockwork, coming to $ 2 billion in 2006.Company as of now prepares 4500 newcomers like clockwork at its own preparation grounds in Mysore. Companys grounds at Bangalore was grand. The 50 structures were a glass pyramid molded mixed media office lodging, a huge vault formed library, sports focuses, refectories cutting edge electric vehicles are utilized for guests. INFOSYS WINS TELSTRA AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN QUALITY IN 2005 Infosys is the principal IT Company to get Telstra grant for greatness in quality from more than 11000 sellers. Telstra evaluated Infosys against its different providers and decided it as the champ dependent on a thorough examination of its quality and progressing pledge to creating suitable arrangements and giving Telstra client better worth. TRUST INFOSYS: Trust is the establishment of all fruitful relational connections, both individual and business. Trust is the certainty or conviction an individual feels toward a specific individual or gathering. Trust is, in this manner, one of the essential restricting powers in any relational relationship. Trust is available in Infosys methodologies and among the workers. 1:- Infosys hierarchical vision is clear: Infosys vision is feasible and doesn't overlook the job that people play in accomplishing the authoritative objectives. 2:- The workplace in Infosys is excellent. 3:- Infosys values:- Values are convictions or feelings that control conduct, Bolster the general authoritative vision. Ordinary qualities in Infosys incorporate:- Surpassing client needs, commitment, and advancement. 4:- Infosys remuneration framework is acceptable. Writing REVIEW Prosperity AND TRUST IN WORKPLACE:- The exploration on prosperity and trust in working environment is finished by John F Helliwell and Huang:- They state that they were the first to know about to give Income - equal qualities to working environment trust. The assessed estimations of trust in the work environments are extremely huge, and remain so in any event, when we make various changes intended to expel dangers of over-estimation. Our working environment trust results are autonomously evaluated from two Canadian and one US review utilizing various examples and distinctive inquiry wordings. That every one of the three overviews should show such reliably enormous impacts persuades us regarding the strength of our outcomes. In this paper we have based on Subsequent expansions by Helliwell, Huang and Putnam (2009). 2:- TRUST IN WORKPLACE:- Research is finished by Robert W Rogers President, DDI. What's more, by Sheryl Riddle Sr. VP counseling administrations DDI. In their examination they said that trust assumes a significant job in the association. As per them Leaders can cultivate elevated levels of trust among groups by urging colleagues to follow six major advances: Keep up one anothers confidence. Backing and applause each other. Keep delicate data secret. Stay standing for each other. Maintain a strategic distance from tattle or out of line analysis of others. Value one anothers abilities and contrasts. Examination METHODOLOGY:- Two sorts of information are utilized:- Auxiliary Data:- Secondary information is taken from books, magazines, web, research work, diaries. Essential Data:- Primary information is gathered from Infosys grounds at Bangalore. Examiner:- 1-What is your organization accomplish for building trust in work environment? Ans-The organization vision is clear. The objectives set by top administration are feasible and Infosys doesn't disregard the job of individual in the accomplishment of organizations objective. 2-What did the organization accomplish for quality in working environment? Ans-An organization follow the best programming designing practices. Infosys is CMMI-5 ensured. 3-Why do the organization utilize visual studio group framework? Ans-The Company utilize visual studio group framework since it will increment exponentially throughout the following not many years. We hope to develop this zone to more than 25000 designers. 4:- What did Infosys accomplish for making business? Ans: The Company right now prepares 4,500 newcomers at regular intervals, at its own preparation grounds in Mysore. The normal age of the companys workers is 25 years. 5:- What did the organization accomplish for society? Ans:- 1. Leading recovery camps at inborn territories, dry season hit regions. 2. Development of medical clinics. 3. Restoration of intellectually impeded through other neighborhood association. Information ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSION:- From the above information we reaches a resolution that quality and trust in work environment are significant components supposing that the laborers have no trust in association they don't work appropriately for the accomplishment of the hierarchical objectives. The association should work so as to guarantee high caliber of the executives and authority in all pieces of the association. For better quality hierarchical missions, approaches, methodologies must be clear. Everybody respects himself/herself as proprietor of their own destinations and open correspondence must be there in an association with the goal that everybody shares their perspectives about the authoritative objective

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Entendiendo la Forma Superlativa en Ingls

Entendiendo la Forma Superlativa en Ingls A continuaciã ³n se muestra cã ³mo construir la forma superlativa en inglã ©s: Adjetivos de una Slaba Ponga un the bets del adjetivo y agregue - est al last deã ± adjetivo (Nota: duplique la consonante last si es precedida por una vocal) Ejemplos: modest - the least expensive/hot - the most sweltering/high - the most noteworthy Ejemplos: Today is the most sweltering day of the summer.This book is the least expensive I can discover. Adjetivos de Dos, Tres o Ms Slabas Ponga the most risks del adjetivo Ejemplos: fascinating - the most intriguing/troublesome - the most troublesome Ejemplos: London is the most costly city in England.That is the most excellent painting here. Adjetivos de Dos Slabas que Terminan en - y Ponga the risks del adjetivo, very la y del adjetivo y aã ±ada iest. Ejemplos: glad - the most joyful/clever - the most interesting Ejemplos: New York is the noisiest city in the USA.He is the most notable individual I know. EXCEPCIONES IMPORTANTES Existen algunas excepciones importantes an estas reglas. A continuaciã ³n feed dos de las excepciones ms importantes: Great great - adjectivethe best - standout Ejemplos: Diminish is the best golfer in the school.This is the best school in the city. Awful awful - adjectivethe most exceedingly awful - standout Ejemplos: Jane is the most exceedingly terrible understudy in the class.This is the most exceedingly awful day of my life. Pruebe su conocimiento con esta breve prueba.

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Online Resources for Writers You Dont Want to Miss

Online Resources for Writers You Dont Want to Miss As the world transitions online, so too does the profession of writing. Writers used to find their work in newspapers, type their works mechanically, and ask friends to critique their writing. Now there are perhaps hundreds of websites for anything a writer might need to further their career. The spirit and the enjoyment of writing live on in each of them.Below are the best websites for any writer looking to build their skills, share their writing, find a new tool to help them write, and find work that they enjoy.Best websites for skill buildingQuickAndDirtyTips.com/Grammar GirlQDT covers topics in quick and refreshing posts tackling topics like grammar misconceptions and common mistakes, how to communicate effectively, and special interests like etiquette and manners. Readers can either skim the website looking for answers to their burning questions or get caught up and start listening religiously.For podcast listeners, QDT also produces the Grammar Girl podcast, which features prof essional reading of grammar tips much like what readers would find on the QDT website. Whether writers prefer binging these tips online or listening to them while doing laundry, writers can avoid grammar pitfalls while reading these short and sweet articles.Example takeaway: Usage of lay requires an object, while lie doesnt. QDT provides a chart showing the present tenses, past tenses, and past participles of each.Now NovelOf course, a fair amount of writers out there specialize in writing fiction, whatever the genre may be. Others write about the real and tangible. Each of these writers can benefit from tips from Now Novel.Now Novels main site offers a paid service that will help you write a novel, but its blog is filled with useful information and it is completely free.The stories you can find on this blog are extensive and can help you get a good start on finding story topics, writing quality story arcs, making well-developed antagonists, and even using grammar to set a pace. Wri ters may find it surprising that this blog is offered without a purchase of the service.Example takeaway: Only include humor when its effective. Terry Pratchetts Discworld included a prologue that included epic language used humorously, but only because it fit well with the rest of the book.750words.com750words.com is based entirely on the idea that practice makes perfect. It asks writers to draft 750 words, or three pages according to the site, of whatever comes to their minds. It gives users one point for writing anything, then it gives them larger point amounts for longer and more consistent writing.The site is a digitized take on morning pages, which ask writers to write frequently at the start of every day. In addition to helping writers hone their writing, morning pages also help them overcome anxiety about putting pen to paper by making it a daily routine.The description on the site explains that it is not a social network or a blog, but a way for you to write to yourself. It encourages simply initiating the writing stage of content creation, without needing to worry how the work will be received.The site also tracks your writing habits, letting you learn a bit more about your own process.Takeaway: Writing to yourself can be a kind of therapy, letting you get to know about your own anxieties on writing.Best websites for sharing your writingReddit r/writingYes, writers can even visit Reddit, a website that relies on its users, to receive valuable advice. This website can serve as a resource for many aspects of a writers career, but the ability to receive feedback, personal experiences, and writing tips alike makes Reddits r/writing community unique.R/writing functions as a community somewhat akin to social media rather than a blog from an expert. This community focus can allow writers to receive varying viewpoints on their questions and their work, if they choose to post it. There is a weekly critique segment where any user can post examples of their wor k and receive in-depth feedback.Of course, this is also a community where people can come together and appreciate writing. Users often post about their favorite authors.Takeaway: In response to a user looking to get over writers block, user mannotron posted a quote from Dan Harmon that says: My best advice about writers block is: the reason youre having a hard time writing is because of a conflict between the GOAL of writing well and the FEAR of writing badly.ScribophileScribophile is a real-deal community of writers all looking to build each others talents and share their experiences. The site boasts about 898,774 critiques served for 152,579 works. Scribophile offers both a basic and a free account for members.The site even offers a degree of copyright protection, since no one else except members of the community will be able to view your work. Scribophile also offers contests for real money. Learning materials and guides are also provided. The site is a real launchpad for someone looking to get into writing as a career.Takeaway: Scribophiles homepage offers a bit of promotion for their critiques with a quote from Kingsley Amis, If you cant annoy somebody, theres little point in writing.Best websites for starting your writingZenpenYou can go to zenpen.io right now, delete the instructions in the word processor that is presented, hit fullscreen in the top-right, and start writing. Thats it.Zenpen gives users a minimalistic word processor that supports basic text creation. After you hit fullscreen, youre greeted with practically nothing, just a word processor and no distractions. Its wonderful.According to its about text, Zenpen is simply made to get you into the zone of being able to write. Its a great way to just start writing already.Takeaway: Black text stands out on a white background.Power ThesaurusFor writers who wish to at least temporarily ignore Stephen Kings advice against thesauruses, power thesaurus is a great crowd-sourced iteration of the tool s ynonymous (or equivalent, equal, tantamount, or corresponding) with creative writing.Users simply enter a word into a familiar search bar for alternative words. The site is crowdsourced, meaning you can expect increasingly relevant results as this site goes on. After this, you can filter based on the type of word youre looking for. The site remembers every word that you search, so you can easily go back to tricky (or crafty, difficult, or cunning) words.One of the sites biggest pros is its great web design. Everything pops out to the reader and menus are easy to navigate.Takeaway: An idiom for the word resplendent is open-work silk. An expression for constitution is warp and woof.Best websites to further your career as a writerEasyBibEasybib.com may be known worldwide as a service that has helped millions of students generate automatic citations, but the site also provides easy guides that can serve as a quick and free substitute for physical MLA/APA/Chicago stylebooks.The guides pr ovide basic formatting and word usage information along with answers for special cases like making a parenthetical citation for three to five authors.Writers who hone their skills on academic citations can avoid a lot of trouble down the road when writing anything that requires crediting others work. Its a must for nonfiction writers of all sorts.Takeaway: APA style is generally used by those in the behavioral and social sciences while Chicago is most commonly used in history courses.WhoPaysWriters.comSay you want to get paid writing, as most of us do. You could simply enter some search terms into a basic job search website to find local in need of writers in your immediate area, but theres a good chance the search results will be cluttered and include a lot of less well-intentioned employers. If only there was a list of employers somewhere that included a list of all employers who will pay for writing.Those interested in this exact list can go to WhoPaysWriters.com. Spanning from 1 00 Days in Appalachia to Zymurgy Magazine, this list is as diverse as it is extensive. Users can click on any of these names to read a report on what was written for a particular user and how much they were paid. This list is a great way for writers to be selective in their searches.Takeaway: Lighting Sound America paid a user $0.32 per word for a 3000-word feature in 2017. The payment was made in two months. AARP Bulletin was also reported to pay a surprising $2.00 per word for a 200-word fob.

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Technology Friend Or Foe - 1280 Words

Brendan Gekhtin Dr. Fallon Philosophy 1000C December 2, 2014 Technology—Friend or Foe? Over time, technology has evolved in ways that people living 50 years ago would have never imagined in their wildest dreams. There have been countless technological advancements that have changed peoples’ lives and the way that society functions. It is difficult to even picture a world without technology. Many of us have our entire lives saved on our phone or computer. Our lives have become so dependent on it that the use of such technology comes naturally to us. Our reliance on technology has made many people guilty of cocooning. Cocooning refers to hiding oneself from the outside world and the stress of face-to-face socialization. Technology has†¦show more content†¦We can shop for clothes and products online, order groceries online, order take out online, pay our bills online, and even do our banking online. We can take online classes from home and work from the home as well. Many jobs that can be done from the home provide higher s alaries and require less labor time than a full time job. This is very beneficial to adults who have children at home. There are even apps that monitor our health, manage our workouts, and help us lose weight. We no longer have to call for car service anymore. There is an app that can track your phone and send a cab to your location. Lost the remote? There’s an app for that too. We can now use our phones as a remote to control any television in the house. While all of this seems extremely efficient and convenient, it gives us the option to opt-out of social interaction. Before these advancements in technology, people were not necessarily active in the sense of being healthy but active where they interacted and in order to talk to someone had to actually go and see them face-to-face. That was the original understanding of the word â€Å"interacting†. With all the new advancements being unraveled every day, there is no telling when the entire world will be automated. Alt hough agreed that modern technology increases convenience and may be considered a useful tool in fields such as education and banking, it does make a person believe that their whole

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Ancestry of Laura Elizabeth Ingalls

Immortalized in time by the Little House series of books that she wrote based on her own life, Laura Elizabeth Ingalls was born on February 7, 1867, in a little cabin at the edge of the Big Woods in the Chippewa River Valley region of Wisconsin. The second child of Charles Philip Ingalls and Caroline Lake Quiner, she was named after Charles mother, Laura Louise Colby Ingalls. Almanzo James Wilder, the man Laura would eventually come to marry, was born February 13, 1857, near Malone, New York. He was the fifth of six children born to James Mason Wilder and Angeline Albina Day. Laura and Almanzo married on August 25, 1885, in De Smet, Dakota Territory, and had two children - Rose born in 1886 and a baby boy who died soon after his birth in August 1889. This family tree begins with Rose and traces back through both of her parents. First Generation 1. Rose WILDER was born on 5 Dec 1886 in Kingsbury Co., Dakota Territory. She died on 30 Oct 1968 in Danbury, Fairfield Co., Connecticut. Second Generation (Parents) 2. Almanzo James WILDER was born on 13 Feb 1857 in Malone, Franklin Co., New York. He died on 23 Oct 1949 in Mansfield, Wright Co., Missouri. 3. Laura Elizabeth INGALLS was born on 7 Feb 1867 in Pepin County, Wisconsin. She died on 10 Feb 1957 in Mansfield, Wright Co., MO. Almanzo James WILDER and Laura Elizabeth INGALLS were married on 25 Aug 1885 in De Smet, Kingsbury Co., Dakota Territory. They had the following children:    1 i. Rose WILDER ii. Baby boy WILDER was born on 12 Aug 1889 in Kingsbury Co., Dakota Territory. He died on 24 Aug 1889 and is buried in De Smet Cemetery, De Smet, Kingsbury Co., South Dakota. Third Generation (Grandparents) 4. James Mason WILDER was born on 26 Jan 1813 in VT. He died in Feb 1899 in Mermentau, Acadia Co., LA. 5. Angelina Albina DAY was born in 1821. She died in 1905. James Mason WILDER and Angelina Albina DAY were married on 6 Aug 1843 and had the following children:   Ã‚  Ã‚   i. Laura Ann WILDER was born on 15 Jun 1844 and died in 1899. ii. Royal Gould WILDER was born on 20 Feb 1847 in New York and died in 1925. iii. Eliza Jane WILDER was born on 1 Jan 1850 in New York and died in 1930 in Louisiana. iv. Alice M. WILDER was born on 3 Sep 1853 in New York and died in 1892 in Florida. 2 v. Almanzo James WILDER  Ã‚   vi. Perley Day WILDER was born on 13 Jun 1869 in New York and died 10 May 1934 in Louisiana. 6. Charles Phillip INGALLS was born on 10 Jan 1836 in Cuba Twp., Allegany Co., New York. He died on 8 Jun 1902 in De Smet, Kingsbury Co., South Dakota and is buried in De Smet Cemetery, De Smet, Kingsbury Co., South Dakota. 7. Caroline Lake QUINER was born on 12 Dec 1839 in Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin. She died on 20 Apr 1924 in De Smet, Kingsbury Co., South Dakota and is buried in De Smet Cemetery, De Smet, Kingsbury Co., South Dakota. Charles Phillip INGALLS and Caroline Lake QUINER were married on 1 Feb 1860 in Concord, Jefferson Co., Wisconsin. They had the following children:   Ã‚  Ã‚   i. Mary Amelia INGALLS was born on 10 Jan 1865 in Pepin County, Wisconsin. She died on 17 Oct 1928 in at the home of her sister Carrie in Keystone, Pennington Co., South Dakota, and is buried in De Smet Cemetery, De Smet, Kingsbury Co., South Dakota. She suffered a stroke which caused her to go blind at the age of 14 and lived with her parents until the death of her mother, Caroline. After that she lived with her sister, Grace. She never married. 3 ii. Laura Elizabeth INGALLS iii. Caroline Celestia (Carrie) INGALLS was born on 3 Aug 1870 in Montgomery Co., Kansas. She died of a sudden illness on 2 Jun 1946 in Rapid City, Pennington Co., South Dakota, and is buried in De Smet Cemetery, De Smet, Kingsbury Co., South Dakota. She married David N. Swanzey, a widow, on 1 Aug 1912. Carrie and Dave never had any children together, but Carrie raised Daves children, Mary and Harold, as her own. The family lived in Keystone, the site of Mount Rushmore. Dave was one of the group of men who recommended the mountain to the sculptor, and Carries stepson Harold helped with the carving. iv. Charles Frederic (Freddie) INGALLS was born on 1 Nov 1875 in Walnut Grove, Redwood Co., Minnesota. He died on 27 Aug 1876 in Wabasha Co., Minnesota. v. Grace Pearl INGALLS was born on 23 May 1877 in Burr Oak, Winneshiek Co., Iowa. She died on 10 Nov 1941 in De Smet, Kingsbury Co., South Dakota, and is was buried in De Smet Cemetery, De Smet, Kingsbury Co., South Dakota. Grace married Nathan (Nate) William DOW on 16 Oct 1901 in her parents home in De Smet, South Dakota. Grace and Nate never had any children.

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Langston Hughes Free Essays

He wrote poetry and short fiction for the Belfry Owl, the school’s literary gagging, and edited the school yearbook. It was the summer of 1919 when he visited his father in Mexico for the first time. That visit proved to almost be his moral demise b cause his father was materialistic and, ironically was prejudiced against blacks, Mexicans, and Indians. We will write a custom essay sample on Langston Hughes or any similar topic only for you Order Now He thought of them as lazy and ignorant. This changed Hughes perception of hi myself and other minorities. When Hughes graduated from high school in 1 920, he returned to Mexico, where he taught English for a year and wrote poems and literature pieces for publication in the Crisis, the magazine of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people In the early sass, Hughes worked as a dishwasher boy in Paris. One year late r, he enrolled at the Columbia University in New York. His freshman year, he droop deed out of college and worked a series of odd jobs to support his mother. In 1 923 Hughes Signs d on as a cabin boy on a merchant freighter en route to West Africa. In 1 925 he resettled with his mother and half brother in D. C. While continuing his writing and poetry. In 1 925 in May and Au just, Hughes verses garnered him literary prizes from both Opportunity magazine and the Crisis. Four months later, Hughes worked as a busboy at a Washington D. C. Hotel, and attracted t he attention of the poet, Vacate Lindsay, by placing three of his poems on his dinner table. Later on that evening, Lindsay read his poems to an audience and announced his discovery of a † En grog busboy poet†. Photographers and reports were eagerly wanting to meet him the next day. His friends, family, and other writers inspired Hughes to write. His style of Poe try, is free verse. One of my favorite poems by Hughes is called Dreams. Some other one s that he wrote that people best know him for are â€Å"The Negro Speaks of Rivers†, and â€Å"l too Sing A America†. In 1930, Hughes got a Harmon Gold Medal for Literature. In 1948 he got Honorary Doc tort of Letters, Lincoln University, and also got his PHD. Longboats Hughes died on May 22, 1 967, in New York. He has inspired a great deal of us, including Alice Walker who wrote an illustrated book about him. How to cite Langston Hughes, Papers Langston Hughes Free Essays Langston Hughes’ two works are similar and different in certain ways. One similarity that stands out is that both writings had racial issues as its central theme. However, each work utilized a different manner by which to tackle the said subject matter. We will write a custom essay sample on Langston Hughes or any similar topic only for you Order Now Hughes’ poem, Theme for English B, seemingly uses the author’s own experience as the focal point upon which to discuss racial differences. In the poem, Hughes points out that race does not completely define the character of an individual. His writing exemplifies the fact that racial differences does not equate to a different likes and dislikes altogether. By saying, I guess being colored doesn`t make me not like The same things other folks like who are other races, The author shows that color does not completely divide society. Blacks and whites can share and appreciate the same things. They can read the same books, listen to the same music, and have the same hobbies. In his poem, Hughes personifies the American as either being black or white but have the same interests. Using the character of the instructor as his personification of the white people, the author is able to show that indeed blacks and whites share something in particular, they are both Americans. Ultimately, what Hughes points out is that people of different races can co-exist and can benefit from each other. The line, As I learn from you,  I guess you learn from me Is a clear depiction of Hughes belief that blacks and whites can live in the same society. In his short story, Who’s Passing for Who, Hughes uses another perspective to show the issue of race. The author’s attitude towards race in this work is far different from that which he showed in the poem. In the story, Hughes shows how blacks and whites are divided. He shows how each race sticks together and how a white man or a black man seemingly cares for only those of the same race as he. In the lines: â€Å"Well,† answered the red-haired Iowan, â€Å"I didn’t mean to be butting in of they were all the same race.† â€Å"Don’t you think a woman needs defending from a brute, no matter what race she may be?† asked the painter. â€Å"Yes, but I think it’s up to you to defend your own women.† Hughes clearly shows the principle that a people of the same race should only look after the concerns of their race. They should not get involved in the matters of different races. This is a clear sign of division between races. In other words, Hughes shows the idea that no unity can exist between blacks and whites and that they are confined by their race. Although such attitude seemingly changes in the latter part of the story, the fact that they had to pretend that they were black so that they could enjoy the company of the Black writers once again shows the distaste that each race has for the other. Personally, I like the attitude that Hughes shows in the poem. Although the story may depict the reality that existed at the height of racial tensions in the country, I appreciate the positive stand that the author took in his poem. Much has been written on how race has divided the American society. However, Hughes’ poem is one of the few works that I have read that has shed hope on the possibility of blacks and whites living and co-existing in society. Finally, I like the poem for it is able to show that race does not define th How to cite Langston Hughes, Essay examples

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A Separate Peace A Journey To Maturity Essay Example For Students

A Separate Peace A Journey To Maturity Essay The novel A Separate Peace includes many important themes. The author, John Knowles, was able to make the book more realistic because of his personal experiences. Knowles, like the characters in the book attended a boarding school. Many of his dilemmas were similar to those of Gene and Finny. The boys were able to surmount the ins and outs of friendship, conformity, and growing up. Friendship is certainly a major theme throughout the novel. It is often based on a mutual need, and many people seek friends to fill breaches in there own lives. A perfect example is when Gene, who seems to be insecure about himself, is drawn to Finnys confidence and love for life. Their friendship was peculiar because they were opposite in many respects. For instance, Gene was always concerned with his schoolwork. He seemed to be studying at almost every free moment he had. On the other hand, Finny was a natural athlete and schoolwork was not his top priority. Their friendship perplexed the boys and the readers as no one could entirely understand what the attraction was. Even though it seemed like a strange and complicated friendship, Finny and Gene developed a strong bond. Unfortunately a strong bond could not withstand Genes insecurities, as he faltered in Finnys unknown pressures of conforming. Another important theme is conformity. Conformity refers to the choices young people make regarding going along with the crowd and pursuing their own paths. They can either give in to peer pressure or be secure with their own individuality. Gene succumbs to peer pressure the first time he jumps off the limb into the Devon River. Even though he would have rather not done it, he went along with the crowd to fit in. Another example of Gene trying to fit in and be liked is when he ditches school with Finny. Gene never would have considered breaking the rules, but he feared that he would not be accepted by Finny if he didnt go along. Most teenagers are confronted with peer pressure, and like Gene will at one time or another go against their true feelings. Normally these mistakes turn into life long lessons in which a person realizes that it is better to be true to yourself. Making decisions that you feel good about, rather than conforming, is a sign of a mature individual. As the story progresses, Gene learns to listen to himself rather than others. His maturing process also includes the fact that he has to face reality and acknowledge that he is not as great as Finny. Gene is his own individual person and Finny is not as perfect as Gene thought. Gene considered enlisting because that was what all the other boys seemed to be doing, but instead he chose to do what he thought was right. He would be loyal to his best friend Finny. Fifteen years later Gene was able to terminate his perennial guilt and forgive himself. Gene had finally matured from an insecure child to a self-accepting adult. Each theme in A Separate Peace by John Knowles has a major impact on the reader. All teens experience the good and bad elements of friendship, conformity, and growing up. This novel helps us all realize that accepting yourself and being true to your friends is essential for becoming a mature adult. .